For your comfortable stay, we always keep good services in mind for the guests. Please stay our inn for your business use and sightseeing.

Facilities's Information

Guest rooms are all Japanese style rooms with tatami mat floors and futon bedding. The dining room, bathroom, toilets are for common use.

The rate is 3,900-6,200 yen per one night for one guest. You can choose with or without meals.

The proprietress gives her whole heart to cooking homemade meals. Free refills on the rice and miso-soup.

As it is located in the center of the downtown, there are a lot of facilities and shops around our inn. 5 minutes walk to the "Kamakura" venue.

History of our inn

The inauguration of this inn was supposed to be during Edo period, and it was opened as an inn for businessmen near the fork of Ushu-kaido and Heiwa-kaido; kaido is a main road in Edo period. About 200 years ago, the store name of "Owariya Shichizo" was recorded as an accommodation for foot soldiers of a daimyo's procession.

The visitor's books of Meiji period were still preserved. The building was rebuilt in Showa period and has been used since then.