Around our inn

"Kamakura" & "Bonden"5 min. walk from our inn to the nearest festival venue.

"Kamakura" is an event of the luner calendar New Year's day, which is held on February 15-16. The origin of that goes back more than 400 years ago. A snow hut called "Kamakura" is made and "Mizugami-sama"; the god of water is enshrined in it. Some children in Kamakura treat the visitors with sweet drink made from fermented rice and grilled rice cakes.

"Bonden" is a decorated pole-like object. On February 16th, its contest is held. On February 17th, Bondens are carried by the local people to Asahiokayama shrine with striving to be the first by them.

During Kamakura & Bonden festival, various events are held all around Yokote city. At "Koji-an" which is opposite side of our inn, "Hand-made lamp art exhibition" is held. "Furusato-mura" (10 min. by car from our inn) will have an event of Aklta winter festival collection.

During Kamakura & Bonden festival, it snows and the temperature will be below zero. Please put on warm clothing and shoes for snow when you go out.

Kamakura Museum5min. walk from our inn

In Kamakura Museum, Kamakura and Bonden are exhibited all through the year. There are a tourist information center and a souvenir shop in the museum. (The entrance fee of "Kamakura Gallery" is 100 yen.)

Yokote Park20 min. walk from our inn

Yokote Park was developed around the Yokote Castle Ruins 100 years ago. In the park, there are an observatory, the museum (fee 100yen), a rest house, the rose garden, promenades and so on. You can enjoy cherry blossoms in April to May, roses in June, and color leaves in fall.

Akita Furusatomura10 min. by car from our inn

Akita Furusatomura is a theme park, where you can play and learn. Artifacts and specialties in Akita are exhibited and sold here (some areas are charged). Akita Museum of Modern Art adjoins (some areas are charged).