All guest rooms are on the 2nd floor and all the rooms are Japanese style with tatami mat floors and futon bedding.

Japanese style room
(6 tatami mats)

Japanese style room
(8 tatami mats)

Common place

The dining room, bathrooms, toilets and washstands are on the 1st floor.



Timetable of staying

Check-in time16:00~21:00
Please call us immediately if your arrival is delayed.
Bathing (by turns)17:00~22:00
Closing time22:30
Check-out time10:00

Facilities and Amenities

In the room (2nd floor)

  • Heater (winter)
  • Air conditioner (summer)
  • TV (26-inch, digital broadcasting)
  • Dresser
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • Yukata (an informal cotton kimono)
  • Bath towel (Face towel, toothbrush are not provided.)
  • Tea set
  • Electric kettle
  • Smoking is allowed

In the common place (1st floor)

  • Dining room (chair seats or tatami mats seats, no smoking)
  • 2 Bathrooms(A body wash and a conditioning shampoo are provided.)
  • 2 Toilets (1 for ladies, 1 for men)
    Weatern style toilets are equipped with automatic bidet functions.
  • 4 Washstands
  • 1 refrigerator (free to use)
  • 1 washing machine (100 yen per once)

Free lending

  • Hair dryer
  • Power strip

Other service

  • 12 cars free parking
  • Wake-up call
  • Home delivery service counter